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Embrace Your Beauty Sessions

Please read the following information, so you know all of the details to these sessions. They are being offered for the month of January, but if for some reason you would like to wait a little longer, please specify. Payment plans are accepted.

I am really excited to be offering these sessions. There are so many options, the possibilities are endless.  Whether you are looking to update photos for yourself, give them as a gift, make art pieces for your walls or use them whatever way you see fit, I know I can help you Embrace Your Beauty and realize women are all beautiful no matter what size or shape.  We can stay more sweet and simple with some comfy sweaters, or get more daring with some of your favorite lingerie outfits, or get creative with nudes and body shots. You are in charge and decide exactly what type of photos you want from your session.

Before we even start, I will sit down with you and discuss your vision. We will talk about the body parts you are most proud of and want to flaunt the most, and what areas you are a little less sure about. But trust me, we are all so much more critical of ourselves and tend to be judgemental when there is nothing to worry about! Once we have decided on the direction you want to go, we will look through your outfits and decide which will be best to achieve this. Then the fun begins!!


Once your session is over, we will decide on a date for you to come back and do your viewing. This is where you will go through your photos with me and choose which ones you want to keep.  At this time, if there are any you are comfortable with me sharing for future clients to see, you will pick which ones and give permission. But relax, if you want to keep all of your photos private and have none used as advertisement, no problem! I will never show any photos without your permission, nor will I pressure you to do so. Now, if for some reason, you are not happy with your photos, then we simply shoot again, no questions asked! My mission is to capture you in a way you are happy with and that you feel beautiful. If I don’t get it right the first time, then I will the second! 

I understand that this is a very raw and nerve wracking experience for many. I too have been in front of the camera this way, and it was scary, but also very empowering.  I am in the process of a very new path in my life, I have four children that have taken a lot of my time and energy, and a life that has kept me busy to the point I have forgotten to take care of me for a long time. Only recently have I put energy into becoming healthy and fit, and this was one way I wanted to embrace my new life, whatever that may be.  I am so happy I did it, and have some favorite photos because of it. It is a wonderful feeling as a woman to be able to look at a photo of yourself and smile proudly and say, not bad! I want to do this for you. Every one of you deserves to be proud of yourself. We are amazing beings, that so often forget to love and take care of ourselves.  We have been taught that self love is vain, when it is the exact opposite. I believe you show people how to love you with how you love yourself. 


I am only offering 20 sessions for the month of January, and if you would like these to be ready for Valentines gifts, please specify so I can make sure that happens. 

Early birds will be getting a slideshow of their images that will include some behind the scenes video as well. So if you book before January 11th, this is my thanks to you!

A deposit of $150 is required to book your spot. Packages need to be decided on prior, but don’t worry, if you want to upgrade after seeing your awesome photos, we can do that!



Ok, so you are ready to do this, right?! You realize it’s time to show yourself that you are a beautiful bad-ass that deserves to pamper herself with some amazing images to either keep private or share. I have put together four packages for you to choose from, and here they are!


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Only 20 spots are available, so don’t wait to book your spot. Please email me at photos@jillianbphotography.com in order to reserve your spot. 


Here is a sample of how we can turn your portrait into an Art Piece:

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