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All About Me!

I have been running my photography business for eleven years, while becoming a mother to four children, and three french bulldogs. I am the only accredited photographer in my area, and specialize in newborn, children and families.  Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer is capable of delivering above average quality photography in a chosen category. Simply put, I have proven my knowledge and use of impact, creativity, style, composition, lighting, subject matter, image quality, technique and story telling with a given discipline of photography. I submitted my work to a panel of judges and so far my accredited categories maternity, birth, newborn, and children.

I am very open with my clients, and love that with many times friendships are formed and I get to watch their children grow.  My life can be crazy at times running my home and keeping four children running as smoothly as possible….well let’s admit, there are days I’m proud I manage to feed them three meals and find socks that match for their feet. So I understand patience and what it takes to work with children and that they don’t just smile and cooperate on cue. If you were to ask past clients one word to describe me, I think many would say patient.

I value my clients very much, and want you to know how important your business is to me. I take extra care in making sure your time spent with me is an experience, something you will remember every time you look at your photos I created for you.

I am not your average photographer that shoots your session and hands you a CD of photos you are going to end up doing nothing with. I prefer to help you find ways to display and gift your photos in ways they become artwork and heirlooms for years down the road to be enjoyed by many!

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